Saturday, 28 April 2012

Year 12 - First try with hexagons

Year 12 Media Studies - Representation in TV Drama (only 3 lessons into the unit)

Well, I tried the hexagons but I don't think I did it right.

Basically, students had to deconstruct the opening of Shameless and explore how representations of social class are constructed. The hexagons were meant to help them break down the analysis by focusing on all 4 micro-elements (camerawork, mise-en-scene, editing, sound), on examples from the extract, and on effects created (bit PEE style)...

Hopefully, the hexagons would help show that different elements combine to create certain representation. It worked ok eventually but I should have got the students started with the hexagons in stages - maybe focusing on just one branch or finding one relevant example from the extract and working our way back...

A keeper but needs to be done better. And I was observed for PM... Madness.
 The lesson plan is a bit of a blur with some obvious problems now that I look at it AFTERWARDS even though the lesson actually went OK and the kids GOT THERE IN THE END - just a bit more slowly than I thought they would. (Top ALPS prediction is C) We didn't do everything listed there of course!

Some of the slides used:

And some photos:

The ever present TV Drama laminated mat:

And the self-assessment grid to be used over the series of lessons:

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