Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting started with LOTF

Didn't teach this class in year 10. Now sharing with colleague (week A: one lesson/week; week B: 3 lessons/week)
Recently started Lord of the Flies whilst they're studying something else with other teacher.
Unit interrupted by Mocks (and prep for...) and stretched over nearly 2 terms as a result of not seeing them more regularly. 

It also means that some lessons have seen me 'squeeze' 2 things into one session, particularly Week A...

They are a lovely class overall, mixed ability from F to A* with the majority on C/B predictions (our own predictions) but potentially a few As as well.
They are very happy to be spoon-fed.
So one aim is to cure them of that a bit as most of them will be continuing on to do A'Levels.

In early lessons, many of them have struck me with how articulate they are orally, but many are much weaker in their written responses. Therefore it's a no brainer to use Speaking and Listening tasks as springboards for extended writing tasks. We're aiming for lots of reciprocal teaching, following solid input of course.


Well, this is one way to get started with Lord Of The Flies.

 Worked really well though students were very quiet initially... Then absolutely smashing.

The phrase "human compass" came out halfway through and all were in awe of the boy who came up with that :)

 The only thing was that I couldn't stop blushing at the mis-attributed/made up quotation (Socrates) and had @oldandrewuk tut-tutting in my ear... but hey, it worked nonetheless.

Oh, and we never got to that slide about the plane crash. I'm glad we didn't. Didn't feel right anyway.Human Nature

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