Thursday, 19 April 2012

Chapter 1 LOTF - early lesson (Importance of Context and Characterisation)

Year 11 - Lord of the Flies

Context: Why it's important to know...

Characterisation: Focus on language choices

Just a quick one to remind myself that we really enjoyed this early lesson.
Stuck a montage of pics from the film opening on the board (and a copy/pair) and played the intro soundtrack (with kids singing etc) - just lovely!
Students made quick notes, had a couple of minutes to discuss their ideas then shared with class. Luckily, we had a few History students who were able to shine in front of their peers at some point. Some of the key issues to do with context emerged straight away.
After some reading (we went back over the initial description in the following lesson to analyse the rich language and its connotations in more detail), we looked at characterization using some stills from the film.
Easy to do. Great outcomes.
Lesson 3 Grabs Ch1 Characterisation in Lord of the Flies

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