Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chapter 7 - LOTFlies / Authority

Task: Work collaboratively to create a visual response to address the struggle for authority between Jack and Ralph.

Well, slides are self-explanatory..

Initial response: Lots of discussion and first step/LO fairly easily accomplished by most, I'd say all.
Some groups obviously spent more time on this.
Next, fairly pleasing distribution of tasks with students looking for agreeing to look for certain quotations then dividing the load, including copying them and analysing (post-its do help here as all can write at same time)

Later: For a couple of groups, that's really where the struggle started - How to display the quotations and notes in a way that would show the struggle for authority, which character had ascendancy over the other at different points in the chapter.
For them, time was running out so they simply spread the quotes in chronological order with a plus or minus sign for each one (quite a good idea but not clear enough to be seen from afar)

Me: Circulating, and mainly playing devil's advocate to make students rethink or justify their answers and quotations. Plenty of time to question them about the author's language choices etc...

So each group lifted their piece of sugar paper in the air and had a look at the others... Without my even asking for feedback, group members were already whispering to each other about ways to improve the impact and clarity of their response. We had a quick vote about the most striking/accurate one so far and briefly discussed why. we listed a few more ideas to make their response more easily understood at first glance (that is, their plotting of the struggle between the 2 characters).
More groups decided to position their quotations/comments either above/ below / on the timeline to represent which character had the most power/authority and why.

Finishing off:
Show of work produced - Up in the air again. Class commenting on improvements made.
No hands up - answer the question - going round groups for their oral responses. Just about time to clarify a few points...  (of course, in an ideal world, it would not be me doing this but time is precious and I'm the expert)

Ch 7 Group Work Blog Version

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