Saturday, 20 September 2014


Fostering well-being = Minimising unnecessary stress for your staff and giving them the tools to work without wasting unnecessary time.

What would improve my well-being at work - A wish list:

- a laptop that works well 
- a reliable photocopier (is there such a thing?), or at least one that doesn't break down every 3 minutes. And idem with the printer
- printed class lists when I come back to work
- as few split classes as possible
- as few classrooms to teach in as possible
- timetabled time for joint-planning and evaluation / review of lessons and strategies
- a recognition that marking cannot be done in PPA time
- CPD that is tailored to my needs and encouragement to follow my own path too
- regular line-managing that challenges, advises and supports me
- a feeling that interventions, if they need to happen, will be well thought-through and targeted so that I feel my extra effort and time is not squandered.
- transparency at all levels

Little things that would boost teacher morale...

I'm not even bothered by free coffee and tea!

What would you add?

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