Friday, 15 June 2012

Home Learning - Investigating the Gothic genre

Thoughts and Crosses Home Learning

First I came across this from

I was looking for something in order to set homework that would allow a certain degree of choice. I also wanted to see a range of writing and research. Looked interesting...

Then I came across this:
So I came up with this thing below.

BUT: done too quickly, needs a re-think of some of the tasks for next year. It also needs quality control all the way through and a lovely sharing / celebration session at the end. I wanted to do something much better such as a gallery where students would present their work. We settled for merits, a bit of feedback of what was learnt, particularly about conventions and words such as 'macabre'.
Some students read extracts from tasks plus a wonderful, shiver-inducing poem.

I'm not sure the lower ability students really stretched themselves on all tasks but it was partly my fault as there was so much going on with A'Level revision that I wasn't on the ball enough to check quality. The higher end completely blew me away. They really enjoyed (or so they say) the freedom to choose some of the tasks.

I should have made better use of Fronter as well. Many decided to submit work through Fronter on the interim deadlines - Had I had more time, I would have written comments there and then to encourage them further. Actually, it works out really well as they don't have to print until it is improved. As it happened, it was oral feedback in class most often (brutal on a very few occasions in the 'Are you kidding me?' vein) but it worked anyway. The high ability students produced written work mostly - interestingly...
  Thoughts and Crosses Gothic Research Project-1

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