Thursday, 21 June 2012

Gothic - Exploring author's craft

Year 9 - Gothic Unit: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

It looks like a bit of a boring one this one but it works so well every time!
This is a follow up lesson to reading/discussing/hot-seating characters from the extract in Ch.4 when the Creature awakes.
The overall objective is to analyse the author's craft and explain the ways in which Shelley manipulates our feelings, makes us empathise with the characters.
This comes afterwards to consolidate and stretch students' understanding of narrative techniques and to encourage them to deploy similar tricks in their own writing. It can lead to a Reading piece as well though we did it more informally this year, having done a BIG piece recently. (PPT from previous year)

We'll also keep doing the next piece in which the events are re-told from the creature's perspective (minutely re-told following the structure of the original - great for inference as well!). It also allows me to distribute a copy of the chapter in which the creature takes over the narration to all who want to read it (usually quite a few!)

Here, the idea is simply to focus on matching narrative techniques to parts of text - in pairs, armed with scissors, glue and pens to annotate further once it's all stuck down. Straightforward lesson, straightforward plenary, much discussion generated by the different examples the students find, how they justify their choices, how effective the techniques are, and also how old-fashioned... Some always argue that today's authors wouldn't use some of the really long sentences that are found in the extract for instance.

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