Friday, 31 July 2015

Learning from the classics: North And South by Gaskell

Last week, I had an urge to revisit this great book by Elizabeth Gaskell. I devoured it again!
Then half way through it, the beautiful pages below struck me as encapsulating an array of Twitter debates, from politics to education.

Had I more time, I would write a commentary but really, the pages speak for themselves...

Now go read the whole novel!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

*That* interview with Nicky Morgan

I suppose I ought to keep some trace of it on here!

I am grateful to the person who thought of me and asked me to host the first chat. The DfE people were really lovely by the way.
The whole thing made me read about topics I was not so familiar with thanks to the range of questions asked, and for that, I am also very grateful.
And finally, thank you to Nicky Morgan who made every effort to attend the interview even though she nearly had to cancel at the last minute as she was needed in Parliament. I was relieved when we were told that it had been sorted and she was on her way.

'Storify' of questions asked plus link to the YouTube video, courtesy of the DfE.